You hate NFTs, and I don’t blame you, but they’re starting to get some real utility


Many people see the worst aspect in NFTs, and I guess that’s pretty reasonable seeing how they are currently employed in the market as a money scheme venture by the rich and powerful, but they are starting to get some real utility, and their use cases are starting to show.

For example, the use case for gaming NFTs last year hit a major uptrend and started to make records. Axie made so many people so much money, more importantly, the way it was built allowed people with small funds to work as ‘scholars’ for large funders, really interesting strategy. Another game sweeping the markets right now is kitty kart and it’s showing no signs of stopping, growing slowly but consistently.

Use cases for NFTs are still growing so beyond this, as is this the case of audio NFTs, Despite being still under heavy study, they are forecasted to be really successful and triple the success that JPEG NFTs have made, now since the foundation has been already laid; the die has been cast.

More so are NFTs being studied to be made more practical, such as to be used as a sort-of patent of authenticity or uniqueness certification. This could prove elemental in the case of patent engineering or medical fields. I have also heard that people in future will be able to earn royalties from their favorite celebs and athletes, platforms like residency are working on that. Let me know your thoughts.

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