What Do You Actually Like Going Forward?


So. I’ve literally held every stock I own thru this recent downturn in the market (the last 4 days have been awesome though and I’m still way up).

I’ve come to a conclusion about the market, and various subs on Reddit however, and have noticed the following:

1) Interest rates are going up and will continue to go up this year. This is also not 2017 when interest rates were at their lowest level. As a result, tech stocks took somewhat of a beating when the announcement happened, but then literally an hour later started to rebound (possibly the biggest pricing in I’ve ever seen). So. With the idea that interest rates and tech are correlated, do we still like Apple, Microsoft, etc?

2) Covid. It seems that this issue is getting better in every part of the world (maybe minus China who are going thru an outbreak). I am a Canadian myself, so when Trudeau made the announcement that restrictions are going to ease in the travel sector, I would hope that airlines are going to inch upward. Also. Presumably. The supply chain will improve as people return to work, supply lines become better improved and unemployment decreases. With this in mind, do we like airlines, cruise lines, shipping companies?

3) The war. As a result of Putin’s bright ideas, he has single handily sunk his country’s economy. But this has also created massive waves in the global economy as we don’t really know how crazy this guy is. It seems that peace talks are happening, which I believe definitely affect the market. But then if the war ends, so what? What stocks are actually going to directly benefit?

I guess my point in writing all of this is my main question, so what? Are we now out of the tech era? Do we settle into well established ETF’s with dividends? I’m curious as to what people like moving forward, and their general outlook on specific stocks in the next 2 years.

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