Thoughts on GME post Earnings dump?


My plan was to go back into GME after the very much expected earnings dump to swing the recovery.

However after listening to the earnings call and looking at the financials….. what a disaster. If it's anything other than GME I would delete the ticker off my watch list.

Compared to other earnings I'm surprised it only dumped 8%. Yea it's been on a down trend but given what we've seen with other ticker earnings 8% is a godsend for that earnings.

Only thing I can see now for GME is what retail sentiment it has left.

The quality of posts on the GME subs have deteriorated significantly and I like to believe there is a correlation between that and wealth of the shareholders.

Further the overall market is down right now and there are plenty of bluechips at very attractive valuation.

I expected a better earnings report with a bigger dump. Since the earnings was significantly worse than I expected and dump was much smaller. Now I'm wondering if I should just not risk it on GME and buy more good value bluechips.


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