Taking advantage of bottoms, discussion


For many reasons, I think this recent pull back from ATH (just over -20%) is over. CQQQ bottomed and was oversold even on the monthly and weekly time frames as the Chinese market saw major capitulation and an impressive initial bounce, not too dissimilar from the 2008-9 bottom. QQQ SPY and many major stocks were/are all over sold on the longer time frames, and it’s March. Check out March of 2020 and 2009, tax season, perfect time for there to be a rally, but that’s more of a coincidence. That said I’m still prepared for the possibility of a dead cat bounce as we still haven’t gotten technical confirmation, technically.

REGARDLESS, here’s my question:

IF this is the bottom of the pull back and we begin a rally here to potentially new ATHs, I want to take the utmost advantage of this opportunity.

1) which sector/industry and which specific stocks do you think will have the biggest recovery IF this is the end of the pull back (and why)?

2) what’s the best way to act on that belief to maximise returns, ie, scaling into leaps or swing trades? Please do share your strategy

I and many others among us appreciate you taking the time to type out your thoughtful insights.

Cheers and good luck brethren

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