Just because someone is a wall street exec doesn’t mean they’re good at trading

Just because someone is a wall street exec doesn't mean they're good at trading

I just found some data being released by a copytrading company which shows how accurate influential traders are. They post some content about crypto but they've also been sharing some pretty dismal trading scores by people working in Goldman, Keybanc etc. I'll share one of the posts they made here but it just goes to show that even the so-called experts are often bad traders. Take this guy, Amit Hazan, he's a managing director at Goldman but he only gets his trades right 33% of the time. I know there's a more nuanced picture, he might be earning a lot on the right trades and only losing a little on the bad trades, but still.

This is their Twitter if anyone's curious about the rest of the data they've posted. https://twitter.com/playfair_app


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