I’m looking for gold and silver mining stocks to buy.


I've recently been researching mining stocks and have come across a few that are quite interesting. I've already made investments in larger companies, but I'd like to broaden my horizons and invest in a few more.

First Majestic – The Ermitao Project and the San Dimas operation are two of their exploration projects in Mexico. They just purchased a stream of 50% of payable silver generated from the Springpole Gold Project in Ontario, Canada, from First Mining.

Trillium Gold Mines – a gold exploration firm based in Canada ’s Red Lake gold camp in northern Ontario. In terms of exploration, I think this company has a lot of possibilities. While the indices rise and gold rises, I believe gold miners benefit. Also, gold appears to have a negative correlation with the market as a whole. In some ways, I think gold miners are in a win-win situation.

Kirkland Lake Gold (KL) is a Canadian company with mines in Australia. I believe they still have potential. I believe they will continue to grow, despite their recent development projects taking a detour. Their management has improved, and their revenue growth continues to accelerate.

What do you guys think?

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