I am glad that Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous and that suits the crypto world


It has been seen and repeated many times here that we all saw some "cultish" behavior in the crypto world.

People who buy a certain coin or token, act as if it is the best thing in the world after Bitcoin, and their developers are worshipes more than the Gods.

Satoshi might be able to reveal himself, to let us all know who he/she/they is/are, but even if that happens, the legacy Satoshi created is indestructible even by him.

He realized that if he went public, he would be the target of many media attacks. Media is sometimes attacking Bitcoin but if they could they would find out every piece of detail in Satoshis life.

Satoshi being aware that this movement is bigger than one or a couple of people, Satoshi decided to remain anonymous, which is ingenious in itself.

Bitcoin is the definition of complete decentralization.

Leader who made it left it to the people, there is no one in charge, the code works and can be upgraded if people decide so.

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