gotta say size of the market rally surprised me


I did think this week will be green but not at this scale.

I'm always selling covered calls and today I'm going to be called from my

ASML shares where I sold call 2x 640 for 20.25 credits and one 635 for 34 credit

BX where I have 10x 118 covered calls for few dollars

COIN where I have 5x 175 covered calls.

In one hand all of the calls are substantial above my stock entry price but still left quite few thousand in table by selling too low.

That said ASML I wanted get rid off anyway as position is too large for me. I originally got the shares by selling few 605 PUTs I I thought would never going be exercised….

Ah well now I have few hundred thousand in cash so let's hope Monday is red so that I can put my buying pants on.

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