Best performing ETF investment strategies in the current market. This is what I’m doing

Best performing ETF investment strategies in the current market. This is what I'm doing

Well fellas, the current macro situation isn’t looking that great and my hard-earned portfolio is seeking sanctuary. Is the end of our great bull market fastly approaching? Are we about to witness the black swans of black swans (ww3)?

I don't have the answers, but I find myself pondering on these very issues every goddamn’ day in recent times.

As such is the case, I’ve decided to take a more strategic approach to ETF allocations, and as it stands, this is what’s working the best for me right now:

Equity Index Rotation

This is pretty much a classic 60/40 portfolio with a twist. This symphony looks at the 5-day cumulative return for the major US indices and selects the one with the best performance. The strategy rotates among the tech-heavy Nasdaq, the industrial-led Dow, and the balanced S&P 500.


What I like the most about this strategy is the minimum volatility, quality, and yield factors. Ideal if the current macroeconomic situation is to further deteriorate.

Paired Switching Dow and Bonds

This strategy switches from holding the Dow to short-term US government bonds if the Dow has a dip. Then back again to the Dow until the next dip.

Curious to know what investment strategies and ETF’s are showing you the best performance right now.

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