Top 20 African Countries with the Highest White Population

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Africa is an incredible continent, known for its diversity and acceptance of differences, so it’s fascinating to explore top African countries with the highest white population. Over the years, Africa has welcomed migrants, workers, and inhabitants from all corners of the world. The continent is experiencing rapid growth, with certain regions already achieving high levels of economic development. Consequently, Africa attracts expatriates and citizens from across the globe.

As mentioned in our previous article, 13 African countries with the largest white population in 2018, Africa is the fastest-growing continent, and it holds the second position in terms of both size and population, with 1.4 billion people. Additionally, Africa boasts the youngest population, with a high number of children and 15-year-olds. Due to limited access to contraception, the population continues to grow. Moreover, Africa is home to a significant number of expatriates and migrants, which adds vibrancy to the continent.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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When discussing the white population in Africa, it’s important to note that we’re not referring to those who migrate to or reside in Africa temporarily. Surprisingly, there is a population of white people who have been living in Africa for the past two centuries. While it may not seem logical, these individuals are often referred to as Africans. This topic has sparked controversy and discussions in the past. Who are the white Africans, and can they truly be considered Africans?

Sentletse Diakanyo’s blog addresses this intriguing question, highlighting the presence of numerous non-African nations living in Africa. Apart from white people, there is also a sizable community of Asians and Arabs who identify as Africans. White people settled in Africa centuries ago, established families, and formed a new white community, often referred to as “White Fathers.”

Native Africans believe that anyone can be considered African, regardless of their skin color, if they identify with the continent. Nelson Mandela, for instance, advocated for calling every population in Africa Africans, uniting them under one nation. However, the question remains whether African languages should include Western German or Dutch, spoken by a portion of the population. On the other hand, individuals born in Africa to parents who were also born in Africa proudly call themselves Africans, irrespective of their skin color.

Despite the various interpretations, the prevailing opinion suggests that all nations within Africa are equal. New politicians and activists embrace an inclusive attitude, accepting anyone who wishes to be part of African nations. Considering the increasing frequency of migrations, it’s likely that the number of white people in Africa will continue to rise. Another distinct group consists of individuals born in Africa but currently residing elsewhere, who possess white skin but still identify as Africans.

While researching this topic, we considered all the aspects. Fortunately, there are reliable sources providing information about the number of white people in Africa. While some sources, like Najimobile, have compiled a list of countries with the highest white populations, others like Nairaland have created more extensive lists. We also sought assistance from Moguldom, which offers similar data. However, it’s important to note that precise data on the white population in Africa is difficult to obtain, especially when considering migrants and economic migrations over the past decade.

Nonetheless, the list we provide is close to reality, as it includes countries with high population densities, significant economic development, and openness to new expatriates. Keep reading until the end, as the number of white people in top African countries with the highest white population continues to grow.

20. Libya

Libya has a white population of below 2,000, and although the country has over 7 million citizens, there isn’t clear data on the number of expats and migrants due to its popularity for foreign employment in the 80s.

19. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has approximately 2,000 white residents. This charming country on Africa’s west coast consists of five islands and experiences a challenging climate with high temperatures and heavy rainfall. It may be an appealing destination for expats who enjoy tropical climates and wildlife.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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18. Rwanda

Rwanda is home to around 6,000 white individuals. While it is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, incredible biodiversity, and wildlife, the country still carries memories of past wars and troubles. Living in Rwanda offers the opportunity to experience a vibrant culture, explore large national parks, and witness impressive flora while maintaining a strong commitment to keeping the environment clean.

17. Gabon

Gabon has a white population of approximately 12,000. Situated on the west coast of Africa, the country is primarily composed of sandstone. As a former French colony, French is prevalent due to the substantial population of descendants of French colonists. Gabon has now become an economically stable country with abundant natural beauty and favorable climate conditions.

16. Ghana

With a white population of 20,900, Ghana is not surprising on the list top African countries with the highest white population. This West African country, located in the Gulf of Guinea, features predominantly flat terrain with a small range of hills in the north. The central area boasts forest-covered beaches. The warm climate, suitable for individuals unaccustomed to high temperatures, attracts many newcomers who wish to work and live here.

15. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a white population of 29,000. Although not as popular among expats, this Southern African country offers stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. People may choose to settle here due to the allure of its amazing natural surroundings or the country’s well-regarded educational system and working culture.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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14. Mauritius

Mauritius has approximately 37,000 white residents. Known as a renowned tourist destination, this small country in the Indian Ocean is famous for its volcanic archipelago and comfortable climate. With the highest population density in Africa, it features a multicultural population and boasts impressive resorts, although they can be expensive.

13. Zambia

Zambia has a white population of around 40,000. The country is highly popular among wildlife enthusiasts and safari lovers. Its abundant wildlife, water resources, vast open spaces, and friendly people make it an attractive destination for visitors of all ages.

12. Swaziland

Swaziland (now Eswatini) is home to approximately 41,000 white residents. Situated between South Africa and Mozambique, this small country is famous for its wildlife reserves. Although it has a small population, it has become a center for the economy and culture since gaining autonomy from Great Britain. Swaziland has also invested significantly in education in recent decades.

11. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has a white population of 50,000. Located on the coast of Western Africa, this former French colony gained autonomy in the 1960s and has since experienced steady growth. It offers a combination of savannas and seas, although strong winds often prevent swimming, making it more popular as a surfing area.

10. Senegal

Senegal has approximately 50,000 white residents. Known for its rural areas and dry, red soil, the country’s position at the westernmost point of Africa has earned it the unofficial nickname “Gateway to Africa.” While transitioning from a tropical climate with forests and wildlife to dry savannas, Senegal has achieved constant economic growth, largely thanks to investments from international banks and businesses.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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9. Botswana

Botswana has a white population of 63,800. It is an attractive destination for those who appreciate wilderness and stunning nature, coupled with top-class hotels and luxury lodges. The country has recently seen significant economic investment, offering various sports and outdoor activities to explore its beauty.

8. Kenya

Kenya has around 67,000 white residents. Although renowned for its safaris and outdoor activities, this East African country offers much more, including a rich cultural and musical heritage. While Asian and Arabian populations have historically dominated Kenya’s demographic, Europeans began arriving in the country in the 20th century. Tourism plays a significant role in Kenya’s economy.

7. Mozambique

Mozambique is home to approximately 82,000 white residents. The country’s popularity among tourists and expats can be attributed to its rich natural resources and diverse biological and cultural heritage. With a tropical climate and extensive coastline, Mozambique is an ideal destination for vacations. It has also attracted students and businesses, and its mineral and agricultural products contribute to its reputation.

6. Tunisia

Tunisia has a white population of 100,000. This country, located in North Africa, benefits from its prime position on the Mediterranean Sea coastline, offering pleasant climate and beautiful natural surroundings. Tunisia’s popularity began during Roman times and grew further after gaining autonomy in the 1950s. The country’s cultural diversity has made it an impressive destination for expats, significantly shaping its identity.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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5. Morocco

Morocco, with a white population of 100,000, is another popular tourist attraction among Western visitors, earning it a notable position on this list. The country’s rich history, shaped by various dynasties, has led to a unique and vibrant culture. Morocco is recognized by UNESCO for its numerous World Heritage sites. Many people choose to visit or live and work in this remarkable country.

Top 20 African countries with the highest white population

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4. Madagascar

Madagascar has approximately 120,000 white residents. While it may be known to some from the popular cartoon, Madagascar offers beautiful beaches and a pleasant climate, attracting visitors who capture stunning photos to share with the world. As a former French colony, the island holds significant political, economic, and cultural ties to French-speaking countries. It has emerged as an important economic center in East Africa.